About PriceLE$$olutions

Although PriceLESSolutions was established in 2014, Lowayne En Shieh has had more than 40 years of professional business experience in the areas of Marketing and Sales; Consumer or Customer Services and Event Planning and Execution. From her many positions in Sales and Marketing for private companies (AT&T, Macy’s, Capwell’s) and leadership roles in public entities (such as two major California Universities, California Department of Consumer Affairs), Lowayne is uniquely qualified to coach, mentor, advise and consult all levels of management and leaders of organizations on fundraising and event planning using business concepts and marketing strategies.  As well, Lowayne was a small business owner and operated an Asian food service called–Orient Express at the California State University, Hayward (now East Bay) for ten years.  She has had a diverse and extensive background in all aspects of business, community and personal life.  She is eager and well-qualified to help a select group of non-profit organizations to succeed and get results (more funds to expand and initiate new programs).