Public Service

For an over 5-1/2 year stint, Lowayne worked in the California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA).  Lowayne was appointed the Chief-Division of Consumer Services for the CA Department of Consumer Affairs by Governor Pete Wilson.

As a Leader and Executive of the state agency that regulates almost all professions (such as doctors, dentists, accountants, nurses, contractors, and even funeral home operators; electronics repair and sales; automotive repair and sales as well as private Investigators and alarm Companies–just to name a few.  (Go to

Lowayne and her team of consumer advocates put on consumer education / protection workshops and also resolved almost all consumer complaints against any of the professions or businesses regulated by the DCA.

Lowayne honed her skills in fundraising and development of public-private partnerships from working as a “public servant” since no ratepayer or tax dollars can be used to plan, produce and implement any of these consumer education workshops and materials (brochures, handbooks, and flyers), or Governor’s Summits (on Pain Management and Jumpstarting the CA Economy by getting construction industry to get back to building and rebuilding homes and the state’s infrastructure.)

Lowayne, as a representative of the Governor, sat on numerous community boards and participated in the Asian Pacific State Employees Association and promoted community involvement political and civic activism. She also worked with all the minority business groups (Chambers of Commerce) and community organizations to help celebrate the diversity of the State by jointly creating business forums and workshops and helping minority businesses to do business with California state.  Lowayne also worked with local, county and other state agencies to collaborate and share ideas, resources and people (the most valuable resource).

With a very tight budget, Lowayne was able to accomplish many of her goals by using interns and volunteers as well as partnerships with all levels of government; community groups, educational institutions (adult schools) and  ethnic business associations (Black, Asian and Hispanic Chambers of Commerce; Latin Business Associations, and many private corporations (credit card companies, utilities, telecommunications and banks).

By celebrating the diversity of the CA state’s people, businesses and communities and by partnering, collaborating and sharing resources among public-private entities and the CA Department of Consumer Affairs was able to educate, inform and empower all groups and businesses to work together for the betterment of all communities and the great state of California.

With her vast years of Professional Experience and Advanced Educational Background and her Skills and Talents, Lowayne created PriceLESSolutions to give back to the community and to non-profit organizations so that these non-profits (NPOs), community-based (CBOs) and faith-based (FBOs) can be empowered to raise funds and to enhance and expand their programs and to create partnerships among public and private entities.